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Student Say
 -  1401/03/07  -  Melika Sarkardeh Student

کلاس خانم سرکرده رو خیلی دوست دارم. آموزش ساز رو شیرین و ساده کردن برام. بسیار صبور و دقیق هستند و اصلاً مشکلی در یادگیری احساس نکردم.

سها کریمی
 -  1401/01/18  -  Melika Sarkardeh Student

استاد سرکرده یه استاد همه چیز تمومه. واقعاً سواد موسیقیشون خیلی بالاست. خیلی از دوره ای که شرکت کردم راضیم. براشون آرزوی سلامتی دارم. از مجموعه آی نواز هم بابت همچین استادی ممنونم.


The flute is in the category of wind-wood instruments and is one of the oldest ones. It dates back to ancient times and used to be made of wood, but nowadays, it is made of an alloy of different metals. Even silver flutes exist in markets. The key flute is the most common flute in the world.

Flute Lesson

To learn the Persian flute, first, you must learn very important breathing techniques. How to blow and how to hold the instrument is one of the most important aspects. To play it, you have to blow air in it then you can hear a beautiful sound. The flute is in the category of medium instruments in terms of difficulty, and you can learn it properly by participating in beginner to advanced tutorials. If you are new to flute, you can safely use the Inavaz Flute online tutorials.

Flute online Lesson

Inavaz online classes of the Key Flute are from beginner to advanced and you can participate in them at any level. These courses are held with the highest level of quality. You can have a free consultation with your flute teacher.

Flute class price

The price of the online key flute class is listed at the top of the page. You can use Inavaz professors from anywhere in the world and participate in their online training. And have the best flute teachers. Flute online classes are more economical than face-to-face ones and it will not take so much time from you. You can coordinate your convenient time with the teacher's free time and participate in the flute classes.

Buy a flute

The flute, like most instruments, has many models. We will guide you in buying and choosing the best one. By participating in the consultation session, you can consult with the best flute teachers about choosing an instrument.