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Niyayesh Mahdavi

Niyayesh Mahdavi - Daf

Tuition : 400,000 toman
Arezoo Mohajer

Arezoo Mohajer - Daf

Tuition : 400,000 toman
Alireza Shahini

Alireza Shahini - Daf

Tuition : 500,000 toman
Amirhossein Moemen

Amirhossein Moemen - Daf

Tuition : call for price
Maral Badr

Maral Badr - Daf

Tuition : call for price
Ramyar Haghdoost

Ramyar Haghdoost - Daf

Tuition : call for price
Amirebrahim Asadi

Amirebrahim Asadi - Daf

Tuition : call for price
Reza Siahbalaii

Reza Siahbalaii - Daf

Tuition : call for price

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Daf online learning at Inavaz institute makes the instrument dance in your hands
Daf online learning and playing daf is one of the new initiatives in the field of teaching Iranian musical instruments, which has come true as a long-way dream by Inavaz institute.
As the technology develops and the life has become more mechanical, some people may have hidden their softness and delicate soul behind a serious mask or buried it under hard work. But the art, especially the art of playing Iranian instruments, is not something that can be kept secret or not to care about it. Because the soul of everyone who loves art will not be at peace until the one achieves what he/she wants deeply in the heart.
In fact, the idea of online daf training from beginner to advanced has also been a kind of answer to this spiritual need of students all over the world. Therefore, Inavaz Institute decided to attend daf training courses from beginner to advanced at home with the best famous daf teachers in Iran for Iranians abroad and English speakers who love Iranian music.
In this article, first we explain about how to attend classes and the way of teaching daf from beginner to advanced, then we examine the advantages of online daf training compared to face-to-face training one by one. After that we talk about how to get to know the teachers and pick the one who is suitable for you. Also, the important things you should consider in buying a daf instrument and the factors that influence on the price of a daf will also be mentioned.
At the end, we tell you the necessary explanations for the cost of daf classes at home and the investment amount that must be paid for online daf training.
How to attend online daf training 
The way of holding online daf classes and playing daf is to use platforms with live feature. It includes beginner to advanced daf training. Classes are held completely private and only with the presence of student and the chosen teacher.
It is possible to ask and answer questions in the class. The students must devote half-hour per session a week to be presented in the class. Also, the student can record the training video of every session in the course to watch and practice as many times as he/she wants during the week.
If the student faces some problems in the exercises, he/she can ask his/her questions with Skype through Inavaz institute’s backup website, so that they will be answered as soon as possible by his/her great teacher.
The best way of daf training from beginner to advanced at home
In the past, teaching daf and playing daf was something like an untouchable dream for Iranians abroad as well as English-speaking people; But in the early years, thanks to the efforts that Inavaz institute’s teachers made, the beginner to advanced daf training took a different shape and it was held in the form of online classes.
The idea of teaching daf from beginner to advanced at home was taken place for the first time by Inavaz group.
In this method of online daf training, which is mainly prepared for the purpose of teaching daf to Iranians abroad and English speakers, the student is going to be trained at home and through the using of live feature in the platforms by famous daf teachers in Iran.
The advantages of online training
Certainly there are countless advantages that can be listed for online daf training, but in order to avoid wasting time and words, we’d like to mention some of the most important advantages of online daf training. These include:
• Eliminating location limits
Experience has shown that learning daf without a teacher will be doomed to a big failure. We know that there are many people who live outside of Iran or in cities far from the center of the province, most of the time, due to this reason, give up their dream of playing daf either way or try to learn daf without a teacher. Unfortunately, they do not get good results from this method either.
Lately, by online daf training coming, learning daf without a teacher should be forgotten. Because all people around the world can use the best daf training by famous daf teachers in Iran.
So the very first advantage of online daf training is that all those intrested people can benefit from the daf training of the best teachers.
• Saving time
The second advantage of online daf training is saving time. Because in daf online training, the student does not need to spend time on commuting and so going to class won’t make him/her tired. On the other hand, the schedule of the classes will be according to the student's request, and because of this, the student can devote his/her best time to online daf training.
• The possibility of recording sessions
In face-to-face daf classes, it is not usually possible to record training sessions, and if for any reason the student is not in a good situation during the class and cannot make the necessary use of the class, he/she will miss the learning of that session. While in online daf training, it is possible to record all daf online training classes by the student so the student can watch and practice the recorded lessons many times during the week.

learning daf
Introduction of online training teachers
Inavaz institute is honored to introduce the best daf teachers in Iran. We also assume the task of teaching this unique instrument from beginners to advanced.
The artist teachers of Inavaz group have understood the art of playing tambourine with their heart and soul, and the love for this unique instrument has gone through their lives.
When the great teachers in Inavaz institute make daf dance in their hands in a lovely way like this, surely, the desire of the students also increases more and more. So there a reason behind this fact that Inavaz Group has done its best to make sure that the classes from the beginning daf training to the advanced daf training are held with these teachers.
In fact, daf primary training influences systematically on daf training at higher levels. Therefore, it is recommended to be more careful in choosing the right teacher for daf learning. The list of the best daf teachers along with a free sample of their daf training has been placed on the Inavaz Group website. So it is possible for dear students to watch a free daf training session of these great teachers before they choose their online daf teacher.
Of course there’s no doubt about any of these great daf teachers in Inavaz being unique but sometimes a student can connect better to an online daf training method of a teacher. In fact, sometimes the flame of a student's passion may be ignited by one of the teachers more than other honorable teachers, and this sparkle can have a significant effect on the daf training process. Because connecting the student to the selected teacher is half of the way of online daf training, and in fact, providing the best daf training by the best teachers will be useless if the connection isn’t made between the student and the chosen teacher.
Certainly, choosing a teacher among the list of the best daf teachers in Iran is a difficult situation and it may cause confusion for students. Therefore, Inavaz group has made a plan for this matter. Inavaz Institute has made it possible for students to have a free counseling session with their chosen teacher and ask him/her their questions, and if they connect to the teacher's teaching method then they can complete the registration in the institute.
The highlights you should consider in buying daf and the factors affecting on the price of daf
Some points you should consider in buying daf to pick the best daf according to your need. Some of the most important factors that should be considered when you’re buying daf are:
• The material used in daf’s frame (Drmhead)
When you’re buying a daf, you should pay attention to what material is a daf made of. The best type of material for the frame of tambourine is vine, orange, plantain, willow and walnut wood. The thickness of this wood used in the frame of daf, should be between 2 and 3 mm on the skin side and about 1.5 cm on the back side.
• Skin
The skin used in daf is also very important in buying a good daf. Because the sound that daf makes is related to the material of daf’s skin. Dafs are currently made of natural skin (sheep, goat, deer) and synthetic skin (plastic).
A daf which is made of natural skin has a more audible sound, and the price of natural skin daf is also much higher.
• Jingles or rings
When you’re buying a daf, you should be careful about rings or jingles. Because these rings have a significant effect in defining the sounds which are complementary to daf. These rings are usually made of copper, brass or iron.
• Push pins
When you’re buying a daf, you should pay attention to the push-pins of daf. These push pins are usually made of brass, iron and copper and their job is to keep the skin on the frame of daf. The more resistant these pins are, the better quality the daf has, so certainly the price of daf will be higher.
In fact, the best daf to start playing daf with is the one which has all these factors we’ve already mention so the student can hear the real sound of daf and connect to it. Therefore, students shouldn’t spend much money in buying the best daf to start their training.
The investment amount on online daf training
The amount that the students pay for daf class fee at home, is actually the investment cost of these loved ones to satisfy their artistic soul.
The investment amount of daf online training is different according to the great teachers you choose, by visiting Inavaz website, you can see the investment amount for daf online training by each of these teachers.
Of course, it should be mentioned that the cost of daf class which is listed on Inavaz website is the cost of one session for daf online training. Usually the trainings in a course are attend in 4 sessions, which can be increased according to what the student asks.
Last words
As we had explained, it is possible to learn daf for Iranians abroad, as well as English speakers and other people interested in playing daf, with the best famous daf teachers in Iran. So these loved ones can make their long-time dream come true.
In this article, the obligations were told about how to attend classes, and other supplementary explanations were also given about the introduction of teachers, buying the best type of daf and the factors affecting on its price. Finally, the cost of daf class and the amount of investment for daf online training were examined.
We hope that Inavaz Institute can introduce this original Iranian art to all the people around the world with the idea of online Iranian music training.

Daf is one of the kind of percussion instruments that can create a wonderful sound in a short period of time. Daf, like other instruments, needs a proper amount of personal practice. With proper trainings, after 3 months, you can perform beautiful simple pieces with daf.

solfeggio in daf is not like other rhythmic instruments on staff such as tar, setar or santur. Because the rhythmic part in daf is not necessary so it is written on one line to make the solfeggio simple. You can use the best daf teachers for learning sol-fa and playing daf. 

Yes, there are small-sized and light-weight daf instrument which is suitable for children to use, so that children can easily start learning daf since young age.

No, daf is one of the instruments that is easier to learn and play than melodic instruments. One of the reasons is that it doesn’t need to be tuned. With a proper amount of practice, you can create a pleasant sound of daf instrument in a short period of time.

In buying a daf, you should pay attention to the skin of the daf and the quality of the instrument. You can take Inavaz experts’ advice to buy a daf. They can guide you with how to buy daf instrument abroad or outside of Iran.

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