Online Persian Ney Lesson

نظرات هنرجویان
  • حسین احمدی  -  1400/05/23  -  هنرجوی استاد مهران قاسمی

    بسیار استاد توانمدی هستند و کلاس هاشون پرباره. ممنون از اقای قاسمی که بسیار منو کمک کردند در یادگیری نی

  • mehrdad  -  1400/04/07  -  هنرجوی استاد ارشامه تافته

    Vaghean az hame nazar ali boud

  • شایگان  -  1400/04/03  -  هنرجوی استاد مهران قاسمی

    واقعا عالیه ......حتا برای کسانی که برای اولین بار میخواند شروع به نواختن بکنند مثل خودم صدا در آوردن از نی هفت بند خیلی سخته ، اما من با آموزش های آنلاین ایشون الان بسیار راضی نی میزنم

  • Ney

    The Ney is one of the oldest instruments used by humans, which has been common in all cultures from ancient times to the present in various forms. The Ney, which has been the source of many instruments' formation in different cultures, can be considered the simplest and -at the same time- the strangest instrument, with simple structure and deep and beautiful sound. In different parts of Iran, the Ney is known by different names such as Ney, Nal, Nel, etc.

    Persian Ney Lesson

    We have several methods of teaching Ney, and you can choose the best one in Inavaz. In Ney training, one of the most important things is to play the sound. In the next step in teaching Iranian Ney, we will teach the instrumental line in Iranian music.

    Online Persian Ney Lesson

    At the top of the page, there is a list of the best Ney teachers in Iran. If you decide to learn it, use Inavaz online Ney tutorials, which prepare you for basic to advanced Ney playing. With the online Ney class, you have no place restrictions and you can start the Iranian Ney class from anywhere in the world. Some people believe that Ney training is only possible in private and face to face, but do not deprive yourself of this online training and a golden and exceptional opportunity, and use this class to strengthen your playing.

    Ney price

    The Ney instrument is one of the cheapest instruments and you can get it at the lowest cost. But you should note that this instrument has different models and to play the Ney in each device, you may need to buy different ones. For guidance and advice on buying a good Ney, you can consult with our teachers.