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جليل عتيقي  -  1401/10/13  -  Fardin Zarei Student

شماره تماس استاد زارعي رو ميخواستم

جعفر رجبی  -  1401/07/19  -  Fardin Zarei Student

سلام و درود بر استاد بزرگوار رجبی هستم از تبریز هنر جوی ساز نی و ارادتمند شما استاد گرامی در صورت امکان آموزش درس ۷۹ کیانی نژاد را می خواهم 09141147179

صوفیا بنی کریمی  -  1401/03/07  -  Jamshid Valikhanian Student

استاد ولیخانی عزیز ممنونم از کلاس خوبتون آموزشهای شما واقعا موثر بودند و حتماً در دوره های بعدی هم شرکت میکنم.

رحیمی  -  1401/01/21  -  Jamshid Valikhanian Student

استاد ولیخانیه یه استاد مهربون، خوش ذوق و البته حرفه ایه. واقعاً زمان کلاسمون خیلی مفیده شهریه کلاس هم خیلی مناسبه

حسین احمدی  -  1400/05/23  -  Mehran Ghasemi Student

بسیار استاد توانمدی هستند و کلاس هاشون پرباره. ممنون از اقای قاسمی که بسیار منو کمک کردند در یادگیری نی

mehrdad  -  1400/04/07  -  Arshameh Tafteh Student

Vaghean az hame nazar ali boud

شایگان  -  1400/04/03  -  Mehran Ghasemi Student

واقعا عالیه ......حتا برای کسانی که برای اولین بار میخواند شروع به نواختن بکنند مثل خودم صدا در آوردن از نی هفت بند خیلی سخته ، اما من با آموزش های آنلاین ایشون الان بسیار راضی نی میزنم

Ney playing and training of Rumi instrument in Inavaz

The Ney is one of the most famous and popular traditional Iranian instruments, which is especially popular among those interested in mysticism and Sufism, and it is attributed to Rumi. This instrument can be used in different pieces, but it is mostly used to play sad pieces. Although the Ney is not tunable and has a simple appearance, playing it is relatively difficult and requires a lot of practice. If you are interested in learning the Ney instrument, stay tuned.

Features of Ney instrument

The Ney is one of the Iranian wind instruments and has no tongue. This instrument is made of reed plants. In general, the reed stem is cut in such a way that it has seven straps. However, since it is difficult to find a suitable stem for construction, artificial types of this instrument are used today. The Ney instrument has 5 holes in the front and one hole in the back surface. In general, Ney is composed of four main parts: Ney series, string, knot, and bottom Ney. Placing and removing the fingers from these holes and at the same time blowing wind in the straw, produces sound. The second and fourth fingers of one hand and the first and fourth fingers of the other hand are used to play the Ney. The Ney is placed between two teeth and the tongue is rounded when playing. The most famous Ney players are Hossein Omoumi, Jamshid Andalibi, Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, Nayeb Assadollah Isfahani, Hossein Yavari Isfahani, Hassan Kasaei, Hassan Nahid, Mohammad Ali Kiani Nejad, and Abdolnaghi Afsharnia. The two main ways of playing the Ney instrument, namely Nayeb Assadollah's and Kasaei are some of the big masters of this instrument.

Ney training from beginner to advanced

Ney instrument training, like other instruments, is done both face to face and online. In face-to-face classes, which are the old-fashioned way of teaching, you must first find a suitable educational institution with experienced instructors near where you live. This can be difficult for people living in small towns. In addition, the distance to the classroom is important because it affects the amount of transportation and therefore the cost and time required for it. In general, the cost of travel should be added to the cost of classes. This is a problem that does not exist in online classes and you can attend these classes from home and from any city you are in. The important point is that the instructors of the face-to-face and online classes are the same, and therefore the teaching conditions in both classes are the same, and it has the ability to teach in them from beginner to advanced level. You also do not have to pay for transportation for the online class.

Online training of Ney in Inavaz

The Ney instrument can be easily learned through our online training classes in Inavaz. The teachers of Ney classes in Inavaz are very professional and experienced teachers whose backgrounds you can read on the site. By registering in our online classes, you will be given access to the group's private platform, where you can attend classes privately, interact with your instructor, and receive live instruction. At the end of the session, you will also be given an educational video that you can watch and practice at home between sessions. Having these recorded videos also solves the problem of forgetting lessons. You can enroll in our online classes from any city. Also, as you can see, the variety of teachers in the school and choose between them based on the history and cost of the class. After this, a free counseling session will be held for you where you can get acquainted with your teacher's teaching style and decide to continue the class. Inavaz online training classes not only have a very reasonable training cost, but also you can get training from beginner to advanced level. In addition, you can have a different learning experience because you eliminate the costs associated with relocation and do not need to spend time on it.

Buying the Ney

The price of a Ney can vary depending on the body material, natural or artificial, sound type, and type of manufacturer. Among the most famous brands of Ney makers, we can mention Soltanian, Sanayei, and Shafiee. If you have trouble buying the right instrument, do not worry. In the first free session at Inavaz, our professors will give you the necessary advice on buying the right instrument.


The Ney is one of the oldest instruments used by humans, which has been common in all cultures from ancient times to the present in various forms. The Ney, which has been the source of many instruments' formation in different cultures, can be considered the simplest and -at the same time- the strangest instrument, with simple structure and deep and beautiful sound. In different parts of Iran, the Ney is known by different names such as Ney, Nal, Nel, etc.

Persian Ney Lesson

We have several methods of teaching Ney, and you can choose the best one in Inavaz. In Ney training, one of the most important things is to play the sound. In the next step in teaching Iranian Ney, we will teach the instrumental line in Iranian music.

Online Persian Ney Lesson

At the top of the page, there is a list of the best Ney teachers in Iran. If you decide to learn it, use Inavaz online Ney tutorials, which prepare you for basic to advanced Ney playing. With the online Ney class, you have no place restrictions and you can start the Iranian Ney class from anywhere in the world. Some people believe that Ney training is only possible in private and face to face, but do not deprive yourself of this online training and a golden and exceptional opportunity, and use this class to strengthen your playing.

Ney price

The Ney instrument is one of the cheapest instruments and you can get it at the lowest cost. But you should note that this instrument has different models and to play the Ney in each device, you may need to buy different ones. For guidance and advice on buying a good Ney, you can consult with our teachers.