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Student Say
hajir tahary  -  1401/04/27  -  Parisa Haghpanah Student

i am iranian "japan resident" and would like to learn playing santoor 1- can i pay with international credit cars? 2- can you teach international students online? Khiley mamnon

هلیا حصارکی  -  1401/03/07  -  Parisa Haghpanah Student

استاد حق پناه عزیز شما بی نظیریدددد. صبور، باسواد، با حوصله آدم دیگه چی از استادش میخادد...یدونه ایننننن

زهرا دیلمی  -  1401/01/21  -  Parisa Haghpanah Student

امروز حدوداً دو ماه هست که من دارم زیر نظر خانم حق پناه آموز می بینیم. از پیشرفتم خیلی راضیم. قبل از این کلاس اصلاً جایی کلاس نرفته بودم. خوشحالم با استاد حق پناه شروع کردم چون شنیدم استادت که خوب نباشه از موسیقی زده میشی. ایشون خیلی مهربون و صبورن و من طول هفته هم با فیلم کلاس همش دارم تمرین میکنم.

محمود  -  1400/02/10  -  MirMohammad Zeynalpour Student

فکر نمیکردم بتونم آنلاین سنتور یاد بگیرم ، اما پیشرفت خوبی داشتم مرسی از آقای زینال پور

مریم  -  1400/02/07  -  Mohsen Mirzaei Student

بسیار استاد صبور و با حوصله ای هستند ، خیلی خوشحالم که با ایشون کلاس دارم

Santoor training from beginner to advanced at home


Everything about santoor

Iranian instruments include a wide range, each of which has its own beautiful sound. One of these very good instruments is the santoor. This instrument has a very long history and even its image is found in Assyrian period carvings. You must have heard the sound of this beautiful instrument in many Iranian and traditional songs. If you want to learn this instrument, you should get more information about its features and participate in santoor classes, so stay tuned.

Characteristics of santoor

Santoor is a percussion instrument whose invention is attributed to Abu Nasr al-Farabi. This instrument is similar to a trapezoid, which is usually 90 by 35 cm with a height of 8 to 10 cm. All parts of the santoor are made of wood and mainly walnut or cypress wood. There are two holes inside the santoor box that make the sound louder. This instrument has a sound limit of up to 4 octaves and has the widest range among Iranian instruments in terms of sound production. This instrument is used both as a solo and in unison. On the surface of the santoor, there are stairs called Kharak. There are generally 9 kharak in each row, which divide the space on the santoor into four sections, and each section produces sounds with different frequencies. Santoor generally has 72 strings, and this number can vary. Two Mezrab are used to play the santoor.

Santoor training

There are two options for teaching a Santoor: attending face-to-face classes and an online Santoor training class. Of course, like many people, your first choice is to attend a class. Because these are more traditional ways of teaching Santoor. Most people think that in order to be able to learn the instrument, they must have a physical presence in the classroom. But it is not. There are also much simpler ways to teach. The Santoor online class is exactly the same as the face-to-face classes. The teachers of these two classes are the same and similar courses and books are used, and in both, you can be taught from the beginner to advanced Santoor. The only difference is the way they attend classes and travel to and from school. You do not need to move to learn Santoor online. This will save you time and money. By eliminating transportation costs, the cost of Santoor class online will be greatly reduced. In addition, attending online classes eliminates the problem of having a good school in the city where you live.

Santoor online classes in Inavaz

In the Inavaz group, we offer you a different way of teaching different types of musical instruments online. If you are looking for Santoor training online, Inavaz will be a good option for you because:
- You do not need to pay for transportation.
- Classes are all held live on Inavaz's private and online platform and you can interact with your teacher and he can monitor your playing and teach you the correct ways to play.
- You have more flexibility in choosing the time of your classes, which is especially suitable for employees and students.
- You can participate in these classes from any city with only one computer and high-speed internet.
- You can be trained under the supervision of Santoor masters with several years of teaching experience and even have the chance to choose your teacher.
- At the end of each session, you will be given a recorded video of the class that you can watch and practice as many times as you want until the next session. These videos will also help you remember all the essentials that will be taught to you in class.
- A free counseling session will be held for you in the first session, in which you will not only get acquainted with your teacher's teaching method, but you can also get advice from him about buying the right instrument.
To participate in beginner to advanced Santoor training classes, you can meet the professors in the Santoor section, see the price of the classes, and enroll in the course of your choice. If you have any questions about the conditions of the class, you can ask our experts by phone.

Buying the right Santoor

There are different types of Santoor that are different in terms of body material, strings, and manufacturer's brand. These issues affect the final price. Salary, Sadeghi, and Alizadeh can be mentioned as the most famous Santoor instrument brands. At our counseling session at Inavaz, you can consult with your teacher about buying the best instrument to get started.

Santoor (Dulcimer)

Santoor is a kind of stringed percussion instrument and a completely Iranian one, which some attribute to Abu Nasr Farabi. The santoor musical instrument is a trapezoidal Iranian instrument and has many strings which are played with two wooden wounds. Within less than 6 months’ practice on a daily basis, and with the help of a good teacher, you can play a song.

Persian Santour training class

Santour training is one of the most important and sensitive trainings offered by inavaz Group. Instrument santoor is one of the most popular instruments among Iranians and the people of the Middle East. Due to its antiquity, so many people like to play it. If you are looking for the best Santoor training from beginner to advanced, you can start playing it.

Online Persian Santoor Lesson

In inavaz, we hold online and virtual dulcimer training courses with the best dulcimer teachers so you can get santoor lessons online. Many santoor teachers believe that learning it requires a lot of practice and perseverance and that it takes at least 3 months to play a song. In the first session, Persian Santour teachers will review the academy topics and then teach you how to practice. Santour introductory training in I-Nawaz includes Iranian santoor online classes and its video tutorials. In today's society, due to commuting problems, lack of access to suitable teachers, people are more willing to participate in online and virtual Persian Santoor classes. The santoor has a very pleasant sound, which is why the student is less discouraged while learning. The inavaz group uses the best Persian Santoor teachers in its classes, and you can be sure of it by participating in a free consultation session with them, and see how the class holds and if the student communicates with the teacher. Online Persian santoor lessons training is held completely privately and according to the student's conditions and completely online. You can participate in the Santour Virtual Class at any level, we have provided the best training for both beginners and advanced students, from basic Santour training to advanced one.

Persian Santour class price

Santour online classes cost are more affordable for the student, because they can save the commuting expenses and coordinate their class time with the teachers. The price of Santour classes is different, you can see the price tariff of the classes at the top of the page.

Buy Santour

To buy a santoor, it is best to first have a consultation with one of our professors so they can guide you. The Persian santoor instrument, like other instruments, is produced by various individuals and companies, such as: • Mousavi Single Mehr santur • Mousavi Double Mehr Santour • Foroughi Santour • Salehi Santour.

Santoor price

Depending on the manufacturer, the price of a santoor varies, and the next thing that affects the price of it is whether it is a single or double stamp, which you should also pay attention to when buying a santoor.