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  • رزمهر فریدی  -  1401/03/07  -  هنرجوی استاد پویا خوشبین

    استاد خوش بین ازتون ممنوم که آموزش سه تار رو انقدر برایم جذاب کردین. خاستم همینجا از زحماتتون تشکر کنم.

  • هدا امیرلطیفی  -  1401/03/04  -  هنرجوی استاد علیرضا میرخسروی

    استاد توی دانشگاه خیلی معروف بودن و تعریف کلاسهاشون رو شنیده بودم. با اینکه کلاس های آنلاین واسم تازگی داشت اما شانسم رو امتحان کردم و از نتیجه هم راضیم. هزینه ی شرکت در کلاس برایم خیلی به صرفه است. کلاس های حضوری انقدر گرون شدن که باید کلاً بی خیال یادگیری ساز بشید. تازه هزینه های رفت و آمدی هم هست. شیوه ی تدریس استاد هم خیلی خوبه. خیلی صبورن و توضیحات کامل و واضحه. ازشون ممنونم.

  • حمید توکلی  -  1401/01/21  -  هنرجوی استاد پویا خوشبین

    من همیشه دوست داشتم سه تار رو یاد بگیرم اما چون شاغلم نمی تونستم . با کلاس استاد خوشبین از طریق دوستم اشنا شدم. راستش اول اصلا به آنلاین بودن کلاس اعتماد نداشتم. اما همون جلسات اول دیدم که فرقی با کلاسهای حضوری نداره. استاد خوش بین هم خیلی با سابقه است و خوب درس میده هم واقعاً برام وقت میذاره.

  • مینا صامتی  -  1401/01/18  -  هنرجوی استاد علیرضا میرخسروی

    استاد میرخسروی رو از دانشگاه میشناختم و وقتی فهمیدم کلاس آنلاین دارند اصلاً شک نکردم. با این اینکه تا به حال توی کلاس‌های آنلاین شرکت نکرده بودم و نمی دونستم چطوری میشه اما واقعاً عالی بود. پلتفرم آموزشی سایت خیلی خوبه و فضای کلاس هیچ فرقی با کلاس حضوری نداشت. از تدریس صبورانه و حرفه ای استاد هم که هر چی بگم کم گفتم.

  • کیمیا کریمی  -  1400/04/20  -  هنرجوی استاد علیرضا میرخسروی

    کلام شیوا و‌سرعت خوب دارند و مطالب را واضح توضیح می دهند

  • محمد نادران  -  1400/03/28  -  هنرجوی استاد علیرضا میرخسروی

    تا حالا اینجوری آموزش ندیده بودم ، خیلی جالب و روان آموزش میدهند کاش میتونستم با شما سه تار یادبگیرم ، اما احساس می کنم آنلاین یک کم سخته

  • اسماعیل  -  1400/03/26  -  هنرجوی استاد علیرضا میرخسروی

    من دانشجوی استاد میرخسروی توی دانشگاه بودم ، بیان خیلی گیرا و واضحی دارند سلامت باشید استاد

  • زهرا  -  1400/03/02  -  هنرجوی استاد علیرضا عامری

    یک انسان واقعی ، خیلی صبور و با اخلاق و با حوصله ، مرسی از آقای عامری ، ویولن ساز به این سختی رو خیلی تمیز تدریس می کنند

  • محمد سعید  -  1400/02/18  -  هنرجوی استاد علیرضا میرخسروی

    واقعا خسته نباشید. من ۶ جلسه از کلاسم تا الان برگزار شده و تا حالا این مدل آموزش سه تار رو ندیده بودم. عالیه عالی

  • Setar training in the best online classes

    For those who are interested in traditional music, one of the best instruments of this group is the Setar. This instrument has a very pleasant sound and has its own fans not only in Iran but also in many countries of the world. The delicate sound of this traditional instrument has made it a famous instrument of the Sufi group. In the following, we will explain more about its features and the best training classes of this instrument.

    Features of Setar

    The Setar is from the string and percussion instruments family and like other instruments in this group, consists of three main parts: the resonant bowl, the handle, and the strings. This instrument is played with the finger. Although the name of this instrument is Setar, it has four strings and the addition of the fourth string has been attributed to Abu Nasr Farabi. The strings are made of steel and bronze. Setar is from the family of Dotar and Tanbur. In general, various woods such as walnut, mulberry, and maple are used in the construction of Setar. The Setar handle is long and between 40 and 48 cm. Although the Setar instrument is used to play sad pieces, the new generation of musicians uses it to play relatively happy songs too. Among the most famous setar players, we can mention Mirza Abdullah Farahani, Arsalan Dargahi, Jalal Zolfanoun, Ali Akbar Khan Shahnazi, Hossein Kasaei, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Hossein Alizadeh, Kayhan Kalhor and ...

    Setar training

    You can use both face-to-face and online training for Setar training. Face-to-face training is an old method of teaching instruments that has its shortcomings which have led to the emergence and popularity of online classes. Face-to-face classes require relocation and spending, which affects the final cost of the class and takes more time. Especially if you are a student or employed. However, you can take online classes in your spare time. Courses taught in online and face-to-face classes are no different. Even their teachers are the same. So you can learn from beginner to advanced level in both classes. Other differences between the two classes include the way the class is held. Face-to-face classes are short, half an hour, and you may forget many things, but online classes can be a discipline that you can use to practice between sessions. Another problem with face-to-face classes is that you are limited to your area of responsibility and you must find a suitable class in your hometown. In small towns, however, you may not even find the right class. However, you can take online classes from any city and get training under the best teachers' supervision.

    Setar online training in Inavaz

    In the Inavaz group, we offer you the best Setar online maker training classes. Our online classes are held live and privately on the special platform of Inavaz, and you can interact with your teacher, play for him and he will correct your mistakes. You will also be given a recorded video of the session at the end of the class that you can practice at home. The instructors in our classes are all experienced instructors, and you can train under their supervision from beginner to advanced. You can also enroll in our classes from any city. And save on transportation costs. If you are interested in participating in our Setar online class, you can find out about the teaching experience and fees of the class on the site and register here. At the beginning of the classes, there is a free counseling session where you can get acquainted with your teacher's teaching style.

    Buying Setar

    The Setar price, like other instruments, is influenced by various factors, including the body material and the type of construction. In the first session of the free consultation, Inavaz professors will advise you on what instrument is right for you to start with a good price and quality. The most famous brands of Setar are Atta, Lotfi, Eshghi, Hashemi, and Mafakheri.


    Setar is one of the main and oldest musical instruments in Iran and the world. It is a stringed percussion instrument that represents Iranian music. In the past, Persian Setar was in the family of Dotar and Tanbur, but today it is more close to tar. The players of this instrument mostly sit on the floor or on a chair. The sound range of it is so close to three octaves. In the past, this instrument had three strings but today, it has four.

    Persian Setar Lesson

    Setar has 4 strings and 28 movable curtains. This instrument has a delicate, sad, and nasal sound and a direct connection with the musician's mood. Due to the sadness of its sound, it is very suitable for lonely times. Each Setar has a special tuning thus, you must be very careful when tuning it. How to play Persian Setar? To play the Iranian Setar, the left-hand moves on the screens, and the right-hand strikes the strings. The strike is made by the index finger of the right hand. One of the best reasons to learn a Setar is the love that musician has for it. Because the musician hugs the Setar when playing it, the best feeling is conveyed between the musician and the instrument.

    Persian Setar Online classes

    You can become a professional musician by participating in virtual classes. At Inavaz group, we have provided the conditions for you to learn Persian Setar Lesson in online classes from beginner to advanced. In Inavaz, it is possible to learn Setar with simple methods. This instrument has easier training due to its thinness. People who are not able to train in the field due to distance, class costs, or lack of time, can use our Online Persian Setar Lesson. If you are looking for the best teachers, the list of the best ones is at the top of the page. You can choose the best teacher for your training.

    The price of the Persian Setar class

    Thank you for your choice. You can see the Setar class prices at the top of the page, you can experience the best Setar class with us in Inavaz. We will give you a free counseling session to know your teacher and his teaching method.

    Setar prices

    In stores that have Persian Setar for sale, you can see different prices. The price of the Setar depends on different factors and this difference is due to the type of wood, curtains, and sound quality. Undoubtedly, with any financial ability, you can prepare a Setar for yourself. Inavaz Setar instructors will guide you to choose a good instrument.

    Buying Setar

    Setar, like other instruments, has different brands, but when buying it, you should pay attention to the type of wood, sound quality, and curtains. If you need more information about buying an instrument, you can get the necessary instructions from your teacher during the consultation session.