Online Baglama Course

Student Say
 -  8/30/2023  -  Adnan Ahmadi Student

Very perfect and perfect

Amir Hossein
 -  8/4/2023  -  Adnan Ahmadi Student

The teacher of your class is amazing, I had a lot of time, I got a good result, I really enjoy this class, thank you

Nima is an online student from Austria
 -  6/20/2023  -  Adnan Ahmadi Student

I am grateful to dear professor Ahmadi for the memory of his updated training and also for the fact that I was able to achieve my desired result in a short period of time and at a lower cost. I also thank the experienced and kind staff.

Rana Shukri
 -  5/28/2022  -  Adnan Ahmadi Student

Those who like Baghlama know how hard it is to find a master of this instrument, especially if you live in a city like me, where many have never heard of the instrument.

Kausar Rajabi
 -  4/6/2022  -  Adnan Ahmadi Student

I was satisfied with this course that I participated in.

Nima Daneshwar
 -  11/23/2021  -  Adnan Ahmadi Student


 -  5/14/2021  -  Yashar Behnoud Student

I am in Ostad Behnoud's offline class, I am very satisfied and they follow my exercises very much.

Teaching Baglama, a traditional instrument


Introducing the instrument and the best online Baglama Lesson


Teaching Baglama

Among Turkish music lovers, few are unfamiliar with the sound of the Baglama. The instrument is so intertwined with Turkish music that the question arises that without it, Turkish music would still be so beautiful and pleasing? You must have heard the sound of this beautiful instrument in various Turkish music and may even be interested in learning it. In the following, we will explain more about this good-sounding instrument and you will know how you can learn Baghlama in the simplest and fastest possible time.

Features of Baglama

Baglama can be considered one of the international children of the Iranian Tanbur. The Tanbur has been one of the most popular instruments in Iran since ancient times (even in the Sasanian period), which also reached Turkey via the Silk Road, and it was there that Baglama was born. The Baglama or Baghlama (in Turkish means connection and knot), like other instruments of the same family, the Tar, and the Tanbur, consists of three parts: the handle, the resonant bowl, and the strings. In terms of the handle, this instrument is divided into two groups: short-handle Baglama and long-handle Baglama. In general, the number of strings of this musical instrument is seven, which is divided into three groups. Its resonant bowl is also made of wood. If Baglama has a long handle and its resonant bowl is not integrated, it is called Divan, which is used in Kurdish Baglama playing. Today, various types of electric Baglama are also available in the market. Electric Baglama training is different from its traditional types. Turkish Baglama is one of the most well-sound instruments with which you can play many songs.

Registration in Baglama Lesson

Like all instruments, you have to look for the most suitable Baglama training class. Baglama instrument music class is held in two styles, face-to-face and online. face-to-face training is the old-fashioned way of conducting Baglama classes. To attend these classes, first, you need to find a music institute that has Baglama classes. The truth is that finding a Turkish Baglama training class is very difficult. There are few institutions that hold this class. As a result, you may not be able to find a class near you or even in your city, and you may be deprived of education altogether. In addition, there are some differences between short-handle Baglama training and long-handle Baglama training. This restriction means that you will not have a choice about class time and you must register for any class that may conflict with your free time. Then it's time to move on to attend classes, which in turn requires time and money. Therefore, attending Baglama face-to-face training classes does not seem to be a good idea. So what is the solution? How to participate in Baglama online class?

Learn Baglama music online in Inavaz

Online classes are the answer to all these problems. In the Inavaz group, we hold the best online training classes in Baglama under the supervision of the best teachers in Iran, which you can participate in from anywhere in the country. You no longer have to look for this class, you no longer have to attend the class whenever your institution forces you to, and you even have the chance to choose your own teacher. These are just some of the options that you can use. Other than that, you no longer have to relocate, which saves time and money. This makes the cost of attending online classes much lower than face-to-face ones. If you are looking to learn Baglama in Persian, our classes in Inavaz are the right option for you. Learning Turkish Electric Baglama, long-handle and short-handle Baglama in Persian are all possible in Inavaz from beginner to advanced level. In the class sessions, a variety of Turkish Baglama songs are practiced with the student, and because the classes are held live, you have the chance to talk to your teacher, play for him and he will correct your problems. At the end of the session, you will be given a recorded video of the class that you can watch and practice several times until the next session. For information on costs, you can refer to the tariffs section on the site. You can also get acquainted with the Baglama masters of Inavaz in this way and choose among them.

Buying Baglama instrument

The Baglama instrument price depends on several factors. For example, the price of short handle Baglama differs from that of long handle ones. Or Baglama Electric is more expensive than both. Factors such as body wood and the manufacturer also affect the final price of the product. Among the most famous brands of Baglama, we can mention Diar, Baglama Yilmaz, Sazmucis, Henareh, etc. You can buy an electric Baglama for sale in some online shops. If you are looking to buy a short handle, long handle, or electric Baglama, you need the advice of experts in this field. In this regard, we in the Inavaz group hold a free counseling session for people who want to learn Baglama so that the student can get to know his teacher better and consult with him about buying the right instrument. If you are looking for professional Baglama training, all you have to do is contact our experts and they will guide you.