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Simaaz Cyprus
 -   -  Alireza Shahini Student

Professor Shahini is very musically literate and I use his knowledge a lot. I am grateful to this professor and his musical group for introducing me to him.

Rojin from the Emirates
 -  11/8/2023  -  Niyayesh Mahdavi Student

I use your prayer teachings a lot, thank you so much

 -  7/23/2022  -  Niyayesh Mahdavi Student

Your teacher is very good...\n

Mehrnoosh Ranjbar
 -  7/23/2022  -  Niyayesh Mahdavi Student

My dear teacher Mahdavi ❤ is my son's teacher Tonbak, they are very skilled, professional and pleasant, and they are very efficient in working with children ❤💫❤💫❤

Sarah Quds
 -  10/9/2021  -  Amirhossein Moemen Student

You play very well, I really like to learn

 -  9/1/2021  -  Amirhossein Moemen Student

Mr. Momin is a very young and enthusiastic teacher, thank you for tolerating us in class

 -  6/8/2021  -  Amirebrahim Asadi Student

in the name of God.

Online tonbak training by the best tonbak teachers’ method in Iran
Online tonbak training was a new and creative idea that Inavaz Institute has made to happen. The main goal of teaching tonbak from beginners to advanced at home was to teach tonbak to Iranians abroad and other English-speakers; Because before planning and taking actions about this idea, learning tonbak for Iranians abroad and English speakers was an untouchable dream, but now, Inavaz group has made this dream come true.
At Inavaz institute, a group of famous tonbak teachers in Iran attend beginners to advanced tonbak training in the best possible way. Even there are some special kid-tonbak trainings for children.
In this article, first we’re going to talk about how to attend online tonbak training. Then we’ll explain the best methods of holding tonbak trainings, how to learn tonbak from beginner to advanced at home and the advantages of online tonbak training. Also online tonbak teachers will be announced and some solutions for buying a high-quality tonbak instrument are examined along with the factors affecting the price of a tonbak. At the end, the cost of the tonbak class at home and the required investment amount in online tonbak training will be revealed.

How to hold online tonbak training course
Online tonbak training classes are held as a half-hour live streams on Instagram. These classes are completely private and only the student and teacher are in the live stream. In this kind of training, the student has the opportunity to ask the teacher questions, and the honorable teacher will answer the student's questions patiently during the training. Also, the student can record the tonbak class at home and watch it many times during the week until the next week's session.
If during these times, the student faces a problem, he/she can ask his/her questions through the class backup and the Skyroom platform. The institute backup will drop those questions to the honorable teacher then they will give the answers to the student.

The best tonbak training from beginner to advanced at home
On the country of what people usually think, there is no difference between beginners and advanced level in an online tanbak training. It means that both groups can use this type of training. Of course, you should consider that the best tonbak training from beginner to advanced at home is the training that matches the student's level; It means teaching neither beyond the student's level nor below his/her actual level. Obviously, knowing the level of students is a thing to handle only by experienced and high-skilled teacher. So choosing a teacher is particularly important in the online tonbak training.
Inavaz Institute has also provided a suitable solution for children interested in learning tonbak, it has employed teachers suitable for teaching children in the field of tonbak, so that the best teachers are taken use for teaching tonbak to children. Then your beloved child is taught with a special educational method for children.

The introduction of online tonbak training teachers
Due to the respect and the value Inavaz institute has for its students, it has provided a platform where the online tonbak training is done by the famous tonbak teachers in Iran. These teachers are graduated from the best and famous music universities. Also, they have years of successful experience in the field of music education in person and online in their resume.
In fact, Inavaz group had brought famous tonbak teachers in Iran to attend the classes. However, for the students to be relieved and because of the value the institute has for these loved ones, it has also included the teachers’ resumes along with the list of the best tonbak teachers. Besides, students can also watch a free sample of tonbak trainings from these honorable teachers.
Students can first choose their teacher from the list of the best tonbak teachers in Inavaz and before any action to register, they can first watch the free sample of tonbak training of the teacher they plan to choose. In fact, the purpose of puting this sample on the site was for the student to get to know with the teaching style and teacher’s method, also to find out which of the honorable teachers he/she can build a better relationship with.
The ones who learn beginning to advanced tonbak training with one teacher are more successful and have better improvement compared to the ones who train with multiple teachers; Therefore, it is recommended to you dear ones who plan to learn tonbak from the beginning to the advanced level, that they must carefully observe the teaching samples of the online tonbak teachers’ training because they can communicate with a teacher from the list of the best tonbak teachers in Inavaz collection who have the best mental connection with.
Also, for the sack of the students and to be more relieved in tonbak's primary trainings, Inavaz Group has considered a free counseling session with the selected teacher of the student. It means that students can ask all their questions and clear their doubts in a free tonbak counseling session with their chosen teacher before starting tonbak primary training. For example; students can ask their teacher about how she/he is going to teach them or about how to practice. Also, there are many students consult with their teacher about buying the best tonbak to start trainings with in these counseling sessions.

learning tonbak
Buying tonbak instrument
Buying a tonbak instrument requires specific carefulness; as a matter of fact, you should buy a tonbak which has a high quality; Because according to the opinion of the best tonbak teachers, the best tonbak to start training with is a tonbak that has all the aspects of a normal and high-quality tonbak so every student should buy a high-quality tonbak regardless of their level.
One of the most important aspects of a tonbak instrument is the size of its opening, the brand and the quality of the sound it makes, the quality of tonbak wood (being solid) and the health of the tonbak skin. You can see this article to learn more about the types of tonbak so that you have enough information to choose a tonbak instrument.

Factors influencing on the price of tonbak
The price of tonbak is varies according to the type of the wood used in making tonbak, the skin and its appearance. Because the thinness or thickness of the tonbak skin has a great effect on the quality of the tonbak sound; Therefore, the thinness and thickness of the skin of the tonbak must be completely on a normal scale in order to improve the quality of the tonbak sound.
Therefore, according to these issues, the price of tonbak changes and this shows that there is usually a direct relationship between the price of tonbak and its quality. Knowing the structure of tonbak will help you to choose the right instrument.
You should buy tonbak from reliable centers and try to not trust people who advertise falsely. On the other hand, usually the price of solid tonbaks which are made of walnut and mulberry wood are higher due to the high quality of the wood of these types of tonbaks. Observing the important tips when you’re buying a tonbak will help you choose a right instrument.
According to the experiences and quotes of the teachers in this group, Inavaz Institute advises the students to use high-quality tonbak even in the primary online tonbak training so that they have enough motivation to continue the online tonbak training.

The investment amount of online tonbak training
The cost of tonbak class and the amount that the students have to pay to be in online tonbak class at home are posted on Inavaz institute website. Of course, the cost of the tonbak class listed on the Institute’s website is the investment amount for one session of tonbak training at home, and the main cost is calculated according to the number of training sessions. However, the number of sessions that the Institute has set for each tonbak online class is 4 sessions, which it can be increased according to what the student asks.
Students must pay the fee for the tonbak class at the time of registration. After completing 4 training sessions, if they want, they can increase the number of sessions to as many sessions as they demand.

Last words
In the past few years, the possibility of learning tonbak for Iranians abroad and English speakers was an untouchable dream, but this dream came true with taking action of this idea of online tonbak training.
after the happening of this idea of learning tonbak at home, learning tonbak without a teacher has become forgotten and many people who are interested in learning tonbak trusted this teaching method.
Inavaz Institute is one of the first institutes that makes this idea happened. Many music lovers from all over the country take these courses every year. There’s a high level of satisfaction between the students of this Institute and this shows that the Inavaz group has been very successful in this field.