Online Iranian Singing Course

Student Say
Simin from Portugal
 -   -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

Not having time to find a good teacher, the long path is an excuse for everyone

Shima from England
 -   -  Soror Tavakoli Student

Samin from Sweden
 -   -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

I always wanted to have a good voice and be able to sing in public. Master Tavakli worked a lot on my voice so that I could have a good voice. Now I am very satisfied. My confidence has increased a lot. I can sing short pieces in a short time. Thank you.

 -   -  Soror Tavakoli Student

 -  8/1/2023  -  Soror Tavakoli Student

I was very satisfied with your class, my teacher. I feel much better and I was able to reach my desired result more easily. Thank you.

Zahra Ansari
 -  6/8/2023  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

They work well and are great, I just wish we could have face-to-face classes

 -  5/2/2023  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

Your class is great, teacher, I got a good result in a short time, thank you

 -  4/7/2023  -  Soror Tavakoli Student

I attended Sarwar Jun's classes from Australia, I was very, very satisfied. When I read in this foreign land, my heart opens up

 -  11/19/2022  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

I always wanted to study, Professor Tavakoli helped me a lot in this way, thank you

 -  11/19/2022  -  Soror Tavakoli Student

Definitely, he is an incomparable master of singing, and a good friend

Roya Moradi
 -  5/28/2022  -  Soror Tavakoli Student

In my opinion, it is better for women to learn from a female teacher, as if it will be easier to find your voice that way.

Shahram Hasabi
 -  5/25/2022  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

Many people think that just having a good voice is enough, but for traditional singing, you really need to train your voice.

 -  4/10/2022  -  Soror Tavakoli Student

I enrolled my daughter in Sarvar Jun's class.

Mahosh is rightful
 -  4/9/2022  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

Professor Tavakoli, your course really helped me.

Persian singing

Persian singing has a long history in Iran, even dating back to the Hakhamaneshian and Sasanian periods. Many people who have a good voice think that they can become good singers too. However, entering the field of singing requires more skills and knowledge than having a good voice. If you think you have talent in this area and you want to know how you can learn the necessary skills, stay tuned.

What is the Persian singing?

Persian singing is a collection of corners that are performed together and independently. Singing is the use of sound based on musical principles. Persian singing shows the mood of people which can be happy or sad. The song does not have a specific beat and the singer can add or subtract something to it according to his taste. Persian singing has various songs, the most important of which are Abu Atta, Dashti, Afshari, Bayat Turk, and Isfahan.
Persian singing consists of three general parts:
- Income: which is usually sung at the beginning of the song and is the first part that the listener immediately after hearing it understands what device the singer is playing. In this part of the song, there is a lot of sound traction. Landing: This section is used to end the corner. Landing is just as important as income. - Masnavi: Masnavi exists in some instruments and songs, which is a selection from the corners of the instrument or song and has its own income and landing. The sound attraction in this section is usually more.

Persian singing learning in a specialized way

As you can see, Persian singing is a very specialized skill and the terms described above are just some of the specialized expressions in this field. Having a good voice is enough to get you started, and if you have a talent for singing, you should take professional classes. Persian singing classes are held in two ways, in-person and online. Persian singing, like other classes in this genre, requires your physical presence, which can take a lot of time and money a month to move around. But this is in a situation where you can find the class you want in your area. In many small towns; It is not possible to find a suitable class near home, and you will even have to move from city to city, making it difficult or impossible for you to continue the class. In-person classes may not match your schedule. Online classes have much better conditions. You do not need to live in a particular city to attend these classes, and you can attend these classes from anywhere in the world. Online classes do not need to be relocated, which saves you time and money. Online classes are no different from face-to-face classes in terms of instructor and teaching methods and lessons, and your teachers are the same as in-class teachers. These classes are especially suitable for people who have busy schedules during the day and can only attend such classes at the end of the day or at certain times.

Teaching Persian singing in Inavaz

In the Inavaz group, we hold a group of the best Persian singing training classes. The best professors from all over Iran are gathered in this collection so that you can learn from anywhere - regardless of where you live - under the supervision of the most experienced people. Our classrooms do not need to be relocated, which saves a lot of money. In addition, the cost of attending the class itself is much more reasonable than attending face-to-face classes. Online courses are very similar to face-to-face ones and you can learn from beginner to advance in these classes. Classes are all held privately on the Inavaz platform and live, where you can interact with your teacher and ask questions. At the end of the session, you will be given a recorded video of the class that you can practice at home until next week and make sure you do not forget a point. You can be informed about the history of our Persian singing teachers on the site and choose the one you want depending on your taste. The first session is free and has a counseling mode in which you can get acquainted with how the teacher teaches and decide to continue the class.