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حکمت الا بارگاهی  -  1401/01/25  -  Milad Jafarnezhad Student

سلام خسته نباشی من مایل هستم خوانندگی به سبک لری یاد بگیرم آیا آموزش سبک لری خواندن همان سبک پاپ هست یا فرق میکند

محنا  -  1400/02/22  -  Milad Jafarnezhad Student

همیشه دوس داشتم بتونم بخونم ، همه میگن صدای خوبی دارم ، بلاخره تونستم توی کلاسهای استاد شرکت کنم ، با حوصله و صبوری برام تمام نکات رو توضیح میدن ، در هفته پیگیر تمریناتم هستن ، و اینکه آهنگها رو برام روی گام صدام تنظیم میکنن ، و من با خوندن هر آهنگ جدید خوشحال ترینم ... :)

Where and how to learn Persian pop singing?


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Train your voice

Do you have a good voice and are interested in singing? Does everyone suggest you become a singer? So it is better not to ignore this God-given talent and attend a singing class. Singing classes are different depending on the style of singing, and there are different types, such as traditional, pop, classical, fusion, group singing classes, etc. But in the meantime, pop music is very popular, especially among the younger generation. But do you know how to take a pop singing class? So stay tuned.

What is Persian pop music?

Iraninan pop music is a popular style of music that is divided into smaller categories (traditional pop song, classical pop song, etc.). Pop music is one of the most famous styles of music, and most of the songs you hear today belong to this style. The number of pop singers in Iran is much more than other styles (even traditional style). Pop music is mostly produced for commercial purposes. Certainly, to be able to work in this style of music in Iran, reforms by the culture of our country have been made on foreign pop music and Iranian vocal music has been created. Ahmad Ashourpour is the father of Iranian pop music. But what is persian pop singing? It is a style of singing based on this style of music. There are many popular Iranian singers in pop who are divided into two groups: before and after the revolution. Among the most famous singers before the revolution, we can mention Vigen, Ebi, Sattar, Shamaeizadeh, etc. Among the Iranian vocalists after the revolution, we can mention Mohsen Yeganeh, Ehsan Khajeh Amiri, Maziar Fallahi, Mohsen Chavoshi, etc.

How is a persian pop singing class held?

Pop singing is one of the most popular singing styles. Music theory, sound-making, and reading principles are taught in this Persian vocal class. The lessons mostly include famous Persian vocal music which are familiar to the student. Also, the presence of an instrument while training can be a great help to the student's learning. The presence of the song gives the students the necessary rhythm and they are better able to work on their voice techniques and realize their mistakes. Therefore, many pop singing teachers suggest that in addition to learning singing, you also learn a suitable instrument with this style, such as the guitar, so that you can practice more effectively. Apart from the difference between pop and traditional styles and other styles, their teaching methods are also different. You may not know the difference between them, but practicing pop singing is very different from traditional, especially in the methods of sound production.

Face-to-face or online classes?

Pop singing class is held in both face-to-face and online styles. In the past, the first and only choice was face-to-face classes. To attend that class, you first had to choose a school close to your home, which limited the number of professors available. Then you had to check if they had a pop singing class suitable for your free time and if so, you would enroll in it. But this is just the beginning. After that, you had to travel to and from school to attend each session, which required money and time. It was these problems in face-to-face classes that led to the creation of online classes. In online pop training, all singing exercises are given in absentia and you do not need to go anywhere. But this is only one of the advantages of an online pop singing class. Are you aware of the other benefits of this class?

Online persian pop singing training in Inavaz

At Inavaz, we offer you the best online pop singing training classes. In our online training classes, you can attend online, live and in-person singing sessions, and all you need is a high-speed Internet computer. In every session, the teacher will teach you an Iranian vocal lesson, you can sing for him/her and he/she will correct your mistakes. You also have the chance to ask your questions. Best of all, you will be given a video of the class at the end of the session, which you can watch and rehearse at home over and over again. The pop singing exercises given to you in this class are no different from face-to-face ones. But you no longer have to spend time and money to get them. In addition, you no longer need to look for a pop singing training class in your area, and with the help of our online classes, you can practice pop singing from any city. Women's pop singing classes are also taught in Inavaz. Women's pop singing class is held by female teachers. In general, our classes are held by the best pop singing teachers in Iran, and you have the chance to see their names on the site and choose the teacher you want.

Cost of persian pop singing training class

Aside from the advantages that online pop singing training has over face-to-face training, the cost of attending them is also more cost-effective. You can find the price of beginner and advanced classes in the tariffs section at the top of our site. Also, for those who want to get more information about the conditions of the class and its teachings, a free counseling session will be held in which they can ask their questions and become more familiar with the style of their chosen Persian vocal coach.