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کوثر عابدینی  -  1401/03/04  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

بلز رو یکی از دوستان تصادفی برای پسرم خرید و دیدیم خیلی دوستش داره و باهاش بازی میکنه. گفتیم شاید بهتر باشه اصولی یادش بگیره. اما چون شاغل بودیم نمیتونستیم ببریمش کلاس. از طریق یکی از دوستام با کلاس های خانم فاضلی آشنا شدیم. الان جلسه ی پنجمه و پسرمون قشنگ میتونه چندتا آهنگ کامل باهاش بزنه. واقعا کلاس خوبیه. از ایشون ممنونم.

سمانه خالقی  -  1401/01/16  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

عالی عالیه هر چی بگم کم گفتم. یعنی کلاس خانم فاضلی واقعاً واسه دخترم عالی بود. انقدر جو کلاسشون فان و شاده دخترم واسه کلاسش لحظه شماری میکنه. هر مهمونی برامون میاد سازشو میاره واسشون میزنه. واقعاً از کلاس راضیم.

باران  -  1400/06/03  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

من کنار دخترم دارم موسیقی سر کلاس ها میشینم ، انقدر خانم فاضلی مهربونن که منم دوس دارم موسیقی یاد بگیرم

انیسه  -  1400/05/23  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

من پسرمو تازه ثبت نام کردم بسیار استاد باحوصله‌ ای هستن ایشون

Xylophone class for children


Introduce your child to the world of music


Xylophone Lessons

The xylophone is one of the best instruments for children to get acquainted with the world of music. You must have seen this instrument over and over again and heard its musical sound. If you want to know your child's musical intelligence or see if he/she is interested in this field, you can start with this instrument. It may seem a little childish, but it is not only played by children and is one of the most popular instruments in the world. In this article, we will explain more about its features and how to choose the right Xylophone class.

Features of the xylophone

The xylophone is a percussion instrument consisting of three main parts: the base, the metal keyboard, and the hammer. The basis of the keyboard layout in this instrument is almost similar to the piano, however, it is much simpler and arranged on a very small scale. Since the methods of playing this instrument are not so difficult, choosing a xylophone class for children is one of the best starting options. In addition, this instrument has a musical sound that most children like. In general, we have two types of xylophone: diatonic and chromatic. These instruments differ in having or not having a half-curtain (diatonic does not have a half-curtain but has a chromatic one). This allows you to play a limited number of songs.

Why is xylophone suitable for children?

Attending a xylophone class is an ideal option for children because:
- The instrument is lightweight and easy to transport.
- The instrument has a colorful and beautiful appearance that is attractive to children.
- It is very easy to learn.
- No need to tune.
- Stimulates the child's motor skills and mental strength at the same time.

Participating in a xylophone class

The xylophone class, like other musical instrument classes, can be face-to-face or online. However, face-to-face classes are an older style of music class and can have their drawbacks. First of all, you must take your children to school to attend these classes. He/she may not always cooperate with you. Plus, you have to spend a lot of time on transportation. Because you cannot send the child to classes alone and as a result, you will be involved. In addition, transportation is expensive. Apart from that, you are limited to choosing a class in your city and as a result, you may not be able to find suitable professors. In addition to being skilled and experienced in his work, a xylophone teacher must also know how to treat children properly. Besides, your child may not be able to concentrate well in class and as a result, may forget what the instructor is teaching him. So what is the best option to attend a xylophone class?

The best online xylophone class

Online xylophone training is the answer to all these problems: - You do not need to transport and the child can be educated at home.
- You can choose any master you want.
- You can save on transportation costs.
If you want to participate in online classes, we hold the best classes in this field in the Inavaz group. Our xylophone classes are held live and the child can interact with their teacher and play the instrument for him. At the end of the session, you will also be given a recorded video of the class that you can use during practice. Also, some of the best Iranian xylophone teachers work in our school, who not only know how to treat and teach children properly but also have a long history of teaching this instrument. You can be informed of our online xylophone class tariffs through the site and also choose your favorite teacher. There is also a free counseling session where the child becomes better acquainted with both the instrument and their teacher.

Buying xylophone instrument

Buying a xylophone is very important to attend its classes. Unfortunately, many of the xylophones that are sold as toys in the market are not standard and the metal blades are not installed properly and do not have the right frequency. Therefore, it is important to buy from specialty shops and reputable brands. Because by default each of these blades must belong to a specific note, so they are not suitable for professional classes of this instrument. If you are planning to attend the Inavaz xylophone class, we will provide you with complete information about buying the right instrument in the initial consultation session.